Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Needed a break from the clay - New Painting WIP

See now....This is what I mean by Attention Deficit people - I can't just focus and finish one thing at a time....

Yesterday, even though I posted my Doll Collection and the WIP of my dolls - I was actually pretty sick of the clay that day. I had messed up twice on the torso of the blue eyed larger one the day before and was just not in the mood for the molding madness again.

I wanted something quick and easy I could start - and I had been dreaming of paintings with dandelion fluff - several ideas of paintings along the dandelion theme have been just floating around in my head. 

I was also thinking about about my sister and how much I miss her, my bro-in-law Tom and the twins.  So I went to work sketching a new painting.

Click to enlarge and see it better!!! - Yes those are my toes!

I really should have laid down a nice base coat background before I sketched this - but I just wanted to draw - I didn't want to paint either haha.

I am going to call it - 'Daydreaming of When We'll be Together'
It is going to end up a mixed media painting by the time I'm finished.  Sorry if the picture is hard to see the actual sketch lines!

Each of the little critters catching a ride on one of the balls of dandelion fluff represent one of us. The girl is a self portrait.
Bunny = Rinni
Robot = Tom (her hubs)
Kitty = me
Horned monster = Brandon
Two mini robos on one fluff = the Twins - Ryan & Tyler

I'm so excited to start painting it - and added little embellishments for the floating starburst pieces of fluff that I haven't sketched in. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Doll Collection - and a WIP update

*pardon the construction on the blog - I'm hoping to improve the general appearance of the thing! - its definitely a work in progress*

As promised - these are my lovely dolls.  The collection is quickly growing as I started collecting sometime early last year.  I have a tendency to pick up new obsessions and collect things with lots of fervor.

I love these little girls though - because its like having friends around me while I am creating.  I love having company to craft with, especially my sister - but unfortunately she lives two states away - and my other crafty buddy Gosia has a Charlie Monster to take care of.  Richelle and I still do craft together via webcam - its a funny site to see.

So here are the girls as promised - one of them made by Richelle!

Click to enlarge
You can't see it very well - but I love this little miniature couch.  When there is only a few dolls sitting on it - it is so gorgeous.  I'm sure I'll use it in a future photo shoot someday with less dolls covering it. haha.

On the top row from left to right:
CheekieBottoms, the Filigree x2, Evangelione, loopyboopy (sitting on the carousel horse)

Sitting on the couch itself, a knitted octopus made by me. (knitted toys pattern an Amy Gaines book)

On the bottom row from left to right:
Agatha made by Rinni's Playground (my sis richelle), The Doll and the Pea, loopyboopy, (oh goodness I forgot the name of this little troll guy's creator - I will update when I find her business card), SophiaLaLa
Here is the progress I've made on my dolls thus far.  I have 3 "medium" sized heads - 1 small head (in ladoll). 1 head that i like in polymer - she's going to be a creepy button eyed girl.  One of the medium dolls has a funky skeletal structure on her for head wrapping around one eye - she has a torso thus far.  So does the smaller doll.  I'm definitely not exactly happy with these yet - but hey little steps.  I'm thinking Polymer might end up being my doll medium rather than the stone clay - we'll see how it works out.

In the upcoming weeks expect to see a custom doll made for me by Patricia of Papillon Bleu UK. We've named her Bitha and she is almost finished - we both think she ended up looking a bit like me hence the Bitha *chuckles*
Abi Monroe is also making me a custom doll! 

Dolls that I'm also waiting to arrive are:
Eliza made by Evelyn's Wonderland.
A rock my socks off! - Spider Lady made by CuriousBoudoirDolls
Another doll by Evangelione (i just HAD to have another - obsession yes)
A doll ornament named Emie by Karly Perez of CheekieBottoms

Friday, July 1, 2011

Reminiscing...and...and chapped lips

Chap lips beg to be licked – which just exacerbates the situation

So perhaps a self portrait (in oils).....and then....some poetry...by me? - sounds questionable to me.

The Ooo Ooo Ah Ah

Her words mirrored a different part of me
A part the weaker me wants to ignore
Truss it up any way you like
It doesn’t change a thing

We indulge those desires within us
That might be better left untried yet true
I can’t say I won’t make the same mistakes
Indeed it’s likely I will

Yes, I’m still young
And – granted - I might not know a thing
This world is so fraught full of potholes
There is no way to avoid them all –

Fall down. It happens, it can be great.
Do what you will but do it with conviction
Take that chance to find new and creative ways
Of picking yourself back up.

I change my mind constantly
About ‘All things are good in moderation’ – they are, they aren’t
No, life is not black and white
I prefer mine in sepia tones

But my thoughts run together at times
Though in this moment I recognize
I truly enjoy those dizzy moments full of unsurety
Any manner of pain reminds us we’re alive
The Ooo Ooo Ah Ah – and I do so love being alive

So pour on the pain – I take it like I take my water
Piping hot enough to scald away my skin
I feel the cleaner from it.
~Tabitha Jensen

Then after the hair grew out....I still need to work on this drawing skills!

Winner of the Mad Tea Party Giveaway!

*Attention Attention!!*
First I'd like to thank all of you who decided to become a follower.  I'm so excited to have people interested in my blog and what future things I plan to create.  This Mad Tea Party - really encouraged me!

Later this weekend I will posting the lovely girls (dolls) I have collected thus far from other artists.  A few online friends have mentioned they simply must see them.  I love these little dollies and can only hope that someday my own dolls will be just as lovely.  (stay tuned for another WIP update for my dolls - still raw and naked *chuckles*)

I apologize for the late in the day posting - The cubicle work world was holding me hostage.  I hope all of you have been looking forward to it as much as I have!  Thank you again and again for all the lovely comments and encouragement!

If you didn't win this time - no worries there will be more give-aways in the future!

The lucky winner is - Cameron of Paint Myself Pretty.  Once I receive your mailing address I will get your mushroom as well as your additional goodies off in the mail straight away!