Friday, July 1, 2011

Reminiscing...and...and chapped lips

Chap lips beg to be licked – which just exacerbates the situation

So perhaps a self portrait (in oils).....and then....some me? - sounds questionable to me.

The Ooo Ooo Ah Ah

Her words mirrored a different part of me
A part the weaker me wants to ignore
Truss it up any way you like
It doesn’t change a thing

We indulge those desires within us
That might be better left untried yet true
I can’t say I won’t make the same mistakes
Indeed it’s likely I will

Yes, I’m still young
And – granted - I might not know a thing
This world is so fraught full of potholes
There is no way to avoid them all –

Fall down. It happens, it can be great.
Do what you will but do it with conviction
Take that chance to find new and creative ways
Of picking yourself back up.

I change my mind constantly
About ‘All things are good in moderation’ – they are, they aren’t
No, life is not black and white
I prefer mine in sepia tones

But my thoughts run together at times
Though in this moment I recognize
I truly enjoy those dizzy moments full of unsurety
Any manner of pain reminds us we’re alive
The Ooo Ooo Ah Ah – and I do so love being alive

So pour on the pain – I take it like I take my water
Piping hot enough to scald away my skin
I feel the cleaner from it.
~Tabitha Jensen

Then after the hair grew out....I still need to work on this drawing skills!


Cameron said...

Portraits are just so hard! I always say my artwork was "inspired by" a photo...haha! That way I can get away with it not looking like it :)

Scalding hot pain? I'm glad to say I'm older and more stable now....and I only miss it a little :)

Pabkins said...

Haha...luckily that was just me reminiscing on like three years ago.

Micupoftea~ said...

Have a great 4th! :)

Abi said...

Oh my gosh - great poem - I can not write poems. Bit like I can't dye fabric.

I loved your wedding images! congratulations - you are so beautiful. You'd look good in a bin liner I am sure.
I am off to check out your sisters blog - the kitty is divine.
Hope you have a lovely weekend :O)

Karla of Dreamaginarius said...

Tabs you are very talented! I love your painting and the drawing too! Does not matter how you paint your self, just remember that you will always be you. You will always be fabulous, bubbly and unique :)

Papillon Bleu said...

I think your face looks so perfect that I would like to try a doll that looks like you one day. Ok, there is Bitha, know what I mean!

Lovely poem! I love the title! he!he!

Pabkins said...

haha thanks - I got addicted to chapstick years ago - so I rarely have chapped lips - but then I have to keep chap stick all over the place otherwise I always want to lick my lips. I'm one of those - sticks out my tongue while I work people.

Yes Bitha! I wish she were here today for my dollie photo shoot. But I will give her, her very own blog post once she arrives!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Such a great self-portrait! And you have a talent for poetry. Thank you for sharing both. :)

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