Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Mad Tea Party! - My Wonderland Wedding

Off With Their Heads I Say, Off with their heads!! - in the Spirit of today's Mad Tea Party!!

Here is a few heads that I've sculpted in the wee hour of midnight the night before the tea party (maybe I should have slept instead!).  Except for the white one - that belongs to yesterday's post I just got in the spirit and took her head off her body.

If you have a few moments please visit my sister's newly created blog and consider following her - she creates the most marvelous things! She doesn't have much posted yet but she will be posting alot of her artwork up there in the following days, paintings, sculptures, furniture refinishing, and oodles of plush toys!

Rinni's Playground - Misadventures in Art and Life

Now for my tribute - since today is the Mad Tea Party Blogging Party - I thought it fitting to share pictures of the crafts that my sister, I, my husband Brandon, Gosia and Justin made for my wedding that just took place last month on May 7th.

So sorry you're late!...for what was our very memorable date!

...Be Drawn through the looking a wedding wonderland of glee...

Do come find your key....hung with hat pins by me.

 To the much awaited day....I'll squeeze through the door...

To such eat me and drink me galore!

We'll follow a mischievous kitty - made by my beloved sister Rinni...

To meet my Madd Hatter...

To the sounds of croquet balls ... click, clack and clatter?

With many a mushroom plumped and stuffed along the way....

We can enjoy our tea all through out the day.

While the caterpillar huffs and puffs...

We can rest and relax a while ....

Before we are sent off in style!

Thank you for visiting! - and sharing in my special day - I'm still reeling from the magic of it.  I hope you enjoyed the shots of all the things my family and I created for our wedding.

2 Hats made by cousin Justin
2 Pillows by Gosia
a ZILLION! Mushrooms mostly by Richelle with assemblage assistance from me
Hat pins by Tabitha
Kitty by Richelle
booklets by Angie and Tabitha
Cake topper by Lisa Snelling
Caterpillar by Brandon, Grandpa, Justin, Richelle & Nick, Gosia
All Calligraphy items by Richelle
Name Seating board by Richelle and Brandon
Flowers by Jackie's Flowers in Elk Grove, CA

I hope you'll decide to follow and come back again!..

Those who leave a comment will be put into a drawing for one of the hand made plush mushrooms made by my sister and I!  I hope you decide to follow as well!  The Drawing will be held and announced on July 1st!

BONUS - if you decide to follow me and win - then I'll throw in extra goodies!
now now - I know this blog is bare now - but it will be rife with treasure in the near future!!

Beware the jabberwock....

You can jump back to the main party by clicking below.  But for now enjoy your stay! - and thanks for visiting my newly created blog!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The undecided doll - WIP

This is technically my first attempt at a doll with move-able arms and legs. It is also my first time working with ladoll clay.

I have to admit I was not a happy camper a few nights ago.  It is probably because I don't know all the techniques to working with it (like how to avoid cracks!)  Does one keep the hands more wet or dry? Definitely keeping a bowl close by to wet my hands when necessary. Oh the mis-adventures tee-hee-hee

So here she is.  I made the mistake of posting her on my facebook for friends to see and was greeted with a round of  "thats creepy"... my fault for posting it there before being finished - I'll stick to the blog.  If you are a fellow creator/crafter I'm always welcome to hearing some tips or advice  - because I really am such a newbie!!  None the less I'm having fun with it all.  Of course I still I scour the internet and purchase crafting books.

I have some heads in polymer clay that I'll post tomorrow for the party - I think I sculpt better features in that medium!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The little Music Box Girl

I have always loved this music video by Imogen Heap - I think in addition to posting my work I'll always try to be sure to include the things that inspire me.  I have always loved this song - and this video is so beautiful. Heck Imogen Heap is beautiful! This video also reminds me of one of my favorite movies from childhood - that's right folks - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  The scene where she is a windup doll - I have also included that video snippet after the music video.  Enjoy my lovelies!

So the doll based off of this will likely only have arms that move as I plan to attach her to the base.  Look forward to WIP posts in the upcoming future!

Esme - The many wiggly armed and toed girl

I'm often inspired by the drawings of other artists that I run across online.  I personally don't believe I draw very well...I think I'm more suited to bringing those things to the 3rd dimension? Alright maybe not - but I have fun at trying.

This little girl who I named Esme was inspired by a sketch I found online at Deviant Art by Kalta-the-Noble-Mind.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the armature knowledge at the time to be able to achieve her spider legs (though I tried and failed once) so I just gave her several legs and lots of wiggly tentacle toes!
And here is Esme! - She sits on one of the shelves in my craft room...

Exposure! - A Mad Tea Party! - Blog Party

So another reason that really kicked me in gear to start this blog - was so that I could sign up for The Mad Tea Party blog party hosted by A fanciful Twist.  It looks like it is going to be so much fun - and she has a beautiful blog and puts so much work into networking all of these wonderful people together.

Here is a link to her blog for all of you to have a look.

On the day of the Mad Tea Party - I plan on sharing pictures from my recent Wonderland Wedding that took place on May 7, 2011 - yes I only recently got the photos back!!!  Many of the items from the wedding were created by my sister Richelle.  We also had alot of help from my wonderful cousin in law/good friend Gosia, her husband Justin, my husband Brandon and my talented friend Angie.  Oh yes lets not forget Grandpa & Nick haha.

Story Time with polymer clay

This sculpture / landscape is made from sculpey with some wire armature on the inside of the tree (a pain to make) and inside the little girl.  My camera is rather poopy - perhaps I can trouble Richelle for a better picture someday so you can see all the little details in there.  The porcupine has so many quills that I added one at a time. There is even scribble in the story book - yes its always story time here in my house.  This piece now lives in my sister Richelle's china cabinet.

Tabitha creates a Blog of Crafting mis-adventures

Welcome to Opening Day of my first Blog!  Forgive me if its bare and not so beautiful to look at.  I am rather hmm...not exactly tech illiterate but definitely not tech savy.  I'm hoping it will improve over the course of the next month or two as I scour the web on ways to improve it.

For the time being I'm hoping to improve my crafting skills instead - they are definitely the priority.  The main purpose of this blog is to chronicle my adventures in crafting.  I definitely have crafting a.d.d.  I have alot of half started, almost finished, no where near finished, and some not even started just barely eggs in my brain projects.  Then don't we all.

I'm hoping someday to get up the nerve to actually post something for sale on Etsy - but I'm just...definitely not ready yet.

This blog also has another purpose!!! By me making this blog I am HOPING *coughs and points North* it will encourage my much more artistic sister Richelle to create her blog and start putting her art out there.  As soon as she does I will link this one over to her.  Heck I think I'll create it for her - blog-jack her so to speak instead of hi-jack.  Then she will have no way of refusing.

To start - here are some of the creations I've made in the past year.  I have some things that are in the WIP stages that I will begin posting as soon as I have more than one or two pictures.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see at least more than one reader *hopes hopes*