Thursday, June 23, 2011

Esme - The many wiggly armed and toed girl

I'm often inspired by the drawings of other artists that I run across online.  I personally don't believe I draw very well...I think I'm more suited to bringing those things to the 3rd dimension? Alright maybe not - but I have fun at trying.

This little girl who I named Esme was inspired by a sketch I found online at Deviant Art by Kalta-the-Noble-Mind.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the armature knowledge at the time to be able to achieve her spider legs (though I tried and failed once) so I just gave her several legs and lots of wiggly tentacle toes!
And here is Esme! - She sits on one of the shelves in my craft room...


Charlot said...

hahaha I love Esme! I am fan of those too!

Look what I got early this year (or late last? who knows...)

from a fellow Etsy friend:

I made a post of them at my blog (I am silly...) lol You should make more of these! Maybe now apply your new acquired knowledge ;)

Pabkins said...

*scampering over to look at your link now*

Oh yes - I plan on making a post of my doll collection that I currently have - and then of course adding to it each time I get a new one. I feel like I'm going through a second childhood what with all the dolls that are starting to fill up my craft room.

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