Friday, June 24, 2011

The undecided doll - WIP

This is technically my first attempt at a doll with move-able arms and legs. It is also my first time working with ladoll clay.

I have to admit I was not a happy camper a few nights ago.  It is probably because I don't know all the techniques to working with it (like how to avoid cracks!)  Does one keep the hands more wet or dry? Definitely keeping a bowl close by to wet my hands when necessary. Oh the mis-adventures tee-hee-hee

So here she is.  I made the mistake of posting her on my facebook for friends to see and was greeted with a round of  "thats creepy"... my fault for posting it there before being finished - I'll stick to the blog.  If you are a fellow creator/crafter I'm always welcome to hearing some tips or advice  - because I really am such a newbie!!  None the less I'm having fun with it all.  Of course I still I scour the internet and purchase crafting books.

I have some heads in polymer clay that I'll post tomorrow for the party - I think I sculpt better features in that medium!


Resin Angels said...

For a first attempt I'd say that's pretty damned good!

Are you into ball jointed dolls?

Pabkins said...

Of course I'm into ball jointed dolls - I would love to own one but they are so expensive! Someday when I've made enough simple wire or thread jointed dolls I'll make a foray into ball joints - but goodness knows how long that would be. I love yours they look gorgeous - love that avatar - I'm assuming you made it also.

Karla of Dreamaginarius said...

Oh you'll see it will turn great! You are doing the real stuff with the eyes! I chickened out with mine lol! Hey! If she is a nudy then just paint something over! haha I will keep an eye open and don't leave us too much in suspense! I want to see her!

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