Sunday, September 4, 2011

Daydreaming of When We’ll be Together – Painting finished!

I know I’m so slow sometimes getting things done – but I have several projects that are so close to completion!  I plan to finish my first polymer clay doll TODAY!  I was very unmotivated and mopey the few weeks that the hubby was away in Japan that I didn’t touch any of my projects.

Here it is – made with Choma Aetelier paints (that I bought on Dick Blicks - love them they are so workable for acrylic paint, supposedly good for someone who is used to working with oils), Shetland white wool roving for the dandelion fluff balls and some very light blue embroidery floss.  My favorite little guy in the picture is the kitty.  Each of the critters is someone in my family. =)

FYI - folks - Rinni and I are going to be participating in the Practical Magic blog party.  Rinni is going to have a giveaway on her blog.  So if you aren't following Rinni's Playground blog yet you should be! - I've added her etsy shop to my sidebar on blogger.  Perhaps someday I'll list something in her shop since I'm so doubtful I'll ever have time anytime soon to get my own up and running.



Karla of Dreamaginarius Arts said...

How beautiful Tabs!! She is a you! lol You should scan and make prints to sell us!

Is that a little embroidery? Cute!

Pabkins said...

Yes there is wool on the white balls and light blue embroidery floss are the swirls.

Rinni's Playground said...

Super fantastic!!! I love the little poof balls!!

michelleK said...

Hallooo Pabkins. You won my giveaway... of course. The only person who stuck with me ... Please send me your addy to

Take care


Cameron said...

Very cool, Tabitha!
Yay for finished projects!

....and that kitty is a sweetie :)

rachelsmith133 said...

I love it, it's gorgeous.

I know exactly what you mean though about struggling to get things finished. I'm exactly the same. Starting one thing then getting distracted by another.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

The painting is just great!!! So happy to hear you are participating in the Practical Magic Party!!!! Can't wait to visit with you and your sister. :)

Rinni's Playground said...

Oh yes!! It's beautiful, Pabkins!! I'm the bunny, hippity hippity hop!!

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